Country Star Blake Shelton Takes On The Westboro Baptist Church: “Mouth breathing dipshits”

Blake Shelton WBC

Country music star and judge of NBC’s hit show The Voice: Blake Shelton,  is having some fun on Twitter and  has taken aim at Topeka, Kansas’  Westboro Baptist Church after the anti-gay “religious” extremists group announced plans to protest at Shelton’s upcoming October 3rd concert in Kansas City, Kansas,

WBC it seems has a cross up its ass and is branding Sheltonr a sinner and “vulgar adulterer” for marrying second wife Miranda Lambert calling him a “fake Christians”, and claiming that because of people like him “same-sex marriage is flourishing.”

On Blake’s page, he writes, “Hey WBC… I’ve got one more sin for ya… Blow me!” and added sarcastically, “Oh no! Not a picket! What will I ever do?!! The dreaded wrath of the picket!!”

Shelton also tweeted a photo Margie Phelps  and captioned the snap, “You know what else God hates? Inbreeding.”

Suddenly Blake Shelton is kinda cute.



Blake Shelton 2-vert

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