Transgender Woman Dies After Brutal LGBT Hate Crime In New York City

Islan Netteled murdered

Transgender woman Islan Nettles, 21,  died of her injuries yesterday after a savage LGBT hate crime by a man shouting homophobic slurs and beating her mercilessly when he realized that Islan was transgender in Harlem on Saturday night.

DNAinfo reports:

Islan Nettles, 21, was taken off life support at Harlem Hospital after she was declared brain dead from injuries she suffered in the attack, cops said. She had been clinging to life since being rushed to the hospital late Saturday night, police said.

Nettles was out with several other transgender women at 11 p.m. Saturday when she ran across a group of men near West 148th Street and Eighth Avenue — directly across from the housing bureau’s Police Service Area 6 precinct.

When the man realized that Nettles and her friends were transgender, they began throwing punches and yelling homophobic slurs, cops said.

A 20-year-old man, whose identity was not immediately released, was arrested in connection with the attack, police said. But he was initially charged with misdemeanor assault, (WTF?)  The NYPD has said they expected to upgrade the charges on Friday.

Islan had planned to work in the fashion industry, and had worked as an intern at Harlem design house Ay’ Medici.

“Fashion became a definite decision for my life after my first show with my hand designed garments in high school at the 11th grade,” she once wrote.

Heartbreaking. Truly heartbreaking.



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