Russia’s Interior Minister Confirms Anti-Gay Laws Will Be Enforced At 2014 Sochi Olympics

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Russia’s Interior Ministry seems to have confirmed that the nation’s draconian anti-gay laws will in fact be enforced during the twenty-second winter Olympiad.

According to Ria Novosti:

“Russia’s Interior Ministry, which controls the police force, confirmed Monday that the country’s controversial anti-gay law will be enforced during the Sochi 2014 Olympics.”

“The law enforcement agencies can have no qualms with people who harbor a nontraditional sexual orientation and do not commit such acts [to promote homosexuality to minors], do not conduct any kind of provocation and take part in the Olympics peacefully,” said an Interior Ministry statement issued on Monday.

It warned against this approach being mixed up with discrimination against gay people.

“Any discussion on violating the rights of representatives of nontraditional sexual orientations, stopping them from taking part in the Olympic Games or discrimination of athletes and guests of the Olympics according to their sexual orientation is totally unfounded and contrived,” the statement added.

The head of Russia’s National Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov stated it plainly.

“If a person does not put across his views in the presence of children, no measures against him can be taken,” Zhukov said. “People of nontraditional sexual orientations can take part in the competitions and all other events at the Games unhindered, without any fear for their safety whatsoever.”

Alexei Davydov, a Moscow-based activist whose friend, Gleb Latnik, was kidnapped and beaten nearly to death after organizing a protest against the laws in Yekaterinburg, Russia’s third-largest city, described the circumstances as dire.

To be gay and Russian is to live in fear,” Davydov said. “We are being harassed, arrested, jailed, attacked, and murdered merely for being gay.”

Why must we even have to discuss boycotting the Olympics at this point it should be a given.  Any hesitation by athletes and coaches both gay and straight and Olympic advertisers are not only insensitive but also extremely selfish and they should be ashamed of themselves.



2 thoughts on “Russia’s Interior Minister Confirms Anti-Gay Laws Will Be Enforced At 2014 Sochi Olympics

  1. For crying out loud… did ANYONE believe or think different?

    Of course the anti-gay laws will be and are enforced during the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games! And of course the anti-gay laws are and will be enforced during the the Sochi 2014 Paralympics!

    It are “democratically” accepted laws by the Russian “democratically” elected parliament, and…… Russia is a sovereign state with its own national laws and legislation!
    And with the Putin thugs at the helm they do not care about what the rest of the world says, does or thinks! As neither the Americans do btw!

    We will see old and young people being killed, being taken away to prisons, being tortured, being trampled by thugs who are doing it all with the open and public approval of Putin, the Russian Parliament, the International Olympic Committee, the Administration of the USA, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European National Governments, and all they will say…… “those gay people should not have used the sports event Olympic Games for their political goal! Suits them right to be tortured, to be trampled upon, to be imprisoned, to be thrown out of Russia in disgrace!”
    And everyone will go his or her way…….
    Forgetting that all the gay people in Russia meanwhile are killed, harassed, subdued by right-wing terrorists (so-called punks but in reality payed thugs by the Putin government), tortured day in day out, and that they, the gay people of Russia are loosing out………. while we in the west go on celebrating more and more freedom, more and more equality, and we in the west will be able to enjoy!

    Get real….. whomever thought that the anti-gay laws in Russia would not be enforced should have his or her head checked…. (the one in his or her ass I mean!)!


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