Rick Perry Wants $100 Million Dollars Worth of Obamacare Even Though He’s Against It

Rick Perry Hypocite

Texas Governor and failed GOP Presidential candidate Rick (I’m not gay. – Yes you are.)  Perry who not only stands for small government and has steadfastly opposed President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act must have balls as big as his state because he is currently asking the White House for more than $100 million in order to help expand a Texas program called Community First Choice.

ThinkProgress reports:

“The Affordable Care Act grants state funding to expand a program called Community First Choice, which aims to improve the community-based medical services available to disabled and elderly Americans. The wildly popular program is administered through Medicaid and could prevent thousands of disabled and older Americans from being uprooted from their homes and into a long-term care facility for their treatments. Approximately 12,000 Texans could take advantage of it in the first year alone.”

And what is Rick Perry defense.  Its okay its for the old people and disabled.  The poor can just go screw themselves.

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