Queerty Sponsored Original Stoli Guy Contest Protested In San Francisco

San Francisco Dump Russian Vodka

Gays Without Borders and the Facebook group Boycott Russian Vodka gathered in protest last night outside the Original Stoli Guy pageant which was held at the BeatBox bar in San Francisco’s SOMA district. The group gathered to call out and bring attention to Stolichnaya’s use of Russian ingredients, (and thus supporting the Russian economy and government) and and also the gay websites Queerty and GayCities for its continued support of the brand and acceptance of advertising dollars

The protesters which included Paul Barwick, Mike Petrelis, Mike Hoban, Robbie Sweeny and Alan Shaw (pictured above) carried signs reading “Boycott Russian Vodka” and  chanting  “Boycott Stoli  We’re here, we’re queer, we’re not drinking Russian vodka!” as Sweeny dumped bottles of Stoli into the gutter.

Queerty editorQueerty editor Chris Bull (pictured left) who showed up at the event with of Stoli t-shirt pictured above) as giveaways seemed both unfazed and somewhat amused by the action.

Both Queerty and GayCities have basically ignored the Stoli boycott and have not issued an explanation or apology to the LGBT community for its continued partnership with the vodka company.  Quite the opposite.  Both sites have carried lengthy articles supporting Stolichnaya, and coming to its defensive.

On Tuesday the Queerty/GayCities press department sent out a statement saying the websites had “convinced” Stoli’s parent company, SPI Group, to donate $5 to local chapters of Equality California, Equality Texas and the Human Rights Campaign for each person who RSVPs and attends the Most Original Stoli Guy Live events.

ALL the groups above denied any participation or partnership with Q/GC/Stoli  and all stated that they would not accept money from the events or Stolichnaya itself.

On Wednesday Queerty/GayCities retracted the press release without explanation.

Source:  Mike Petrelis -The Petrelis Files

2 thoughts on “Queerty Sponsored Original Stoli Guy Contest Protested In San Francisco

  1. Back2Stonewall has quickly become, along with Dan Savage, one of the main forces attacking the LGBT community itself.

    You defended yourself in the last article by saying that they use ingredients from Russia. So what? So do hundreds of companies around the world. But Stoli is one of the very few that has been supporting the LGBT community for decades.

    This whole boycott is just shameful and you should be ashamed of yourself. You are harming our community.

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