North Carolina Mother Orders One Son To “Beat The Gay” Out Of The Other

Most evil

Mary Gowans, a mother of two sons aged 12 and 15 is facing misdemeanor child abuse charges  in Whiteville, North Carolina, after she ordered her 12-year-old son to beat “beat the gay away” out of his 15-year-old brother with a leather belt.

WNEM reports:

According to the report, a 15-year-old said his mother, Mary Gowans, had his 12-year-old brother strike him repeatedly, and he was not allowed to fight back. She then reportedly made the teen strip down to his underwear, and proceeded to strike him with a belt across his body.

Police say there was a large abrasion on the 15-year-old’s back.

Gowans, however, says the allegations aren’t true. She said her son was intoxicated when he reported the incident to police, and that although she doesn’t agree with the gay lifestyle, she would never harm her children. According to Gowans, her 15-year-old son has been visiting a gay man, whom she heard had molested him.

Gowans states she was trying to “protect” her son by having him beaten.

You can watch the disturbing news report at WNEM TV 5

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