Homosexuality Harmful to Gays! Says the Family Research Council

Peter Sprigg

The Family Research Council has provided another reminder of just how harsh its condemnations of homosexuality are. Filling in for Tony Perkins on his daily radio show, Peter Sprigg offered Tuesday that homosexuality is “harmful to the people who engage in it and to society at large”:

SPRIGG: When we express concern about homosexuality, our concern is about homosexual conduct… Sexual orientation is really not one thing, it’s actually kind of an umbrella term for three different things: a person’s sexual attractions, their sexual conduct, and their self-identification… I would not say that people’s sexual attractions are necessarily a choice. Some people do experience unwanted same-sex attractions, but what they do with those attractions is a choice. […]

Our principal concern is not with people who experience involuntarily same-sex attractions as much as it is with engaging in homosexual conduct, which we believe is harmful to the people who engage in it and to society at large.

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