Hate Crimes Against New Orleans Gay Activists Caught On Tape – Video

New orleans Hate crime

John Hill and John Weimer, Jr., two prominent New Orleans gay activists have become victims of anti-gay vandalism in New Orleans.  But in this case surveillance cameras on Saturday night caught  a man stealing the Pride flag from in front of their historic district home and spray paining the word “fags” on their front door.

New Orleans Police Department is seeking assistance in identifying him.

The Times Picayune reports:

The video, filmed from a neighboring gallery, shows a van parking directly in front of Hill’s townhouse in historic Julia Row, in the 600 block of Julia Street. A man emerges, walks to the rear of the van and pulls down a ladder. He walks to the sidewalk, sets the ladder in place, climbs up it and tears the flag from Hill’s second-story balcony. He puts the flag and the ladder in the van.

Then, instead of leaving, the man re-emerges holding a can of spray paint. He sprays an anti-gay slur on a shutter before getting back in the van and driving away.

Said Hill after the crime; “I thought what an idiot. He thinks he’s intimidating me, well, you got the wrong gay fella. I’m just doubling down now.”

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