Hack or Hoax? – Has Gay Russian Activist Nikolai Alexeyev Been Hacked Or Just Gone Mad?


Strange things have been happening to gay Russian activist Nikolai Alexeyev’s social media accounts causing people to both worry and wonder about both his safety and his sanity.

For the past 24 hours Alexeyev or perhaps people who have hacked his social media accounts and has been masquerading as him, have been making a series of strange postings criticizing ‘Westerners’ for their ‘colonialism’ and ‘imperialism’ towards Russia and making accusations against American bloggers and activists who has criticized him in the past.

Alexeyev has been troubled by American activists actions and boycotts against Russia and has been speaking out against them.  LGBT activist and blogger Mike Petrelis of The Petrleis Files in San Francisco has been critical of Alexeyev’s reaction to the “Stoli ” boycott’s and his integrity pointing out that Nicolai himself has recently called for boycotts against Swiss Air and the Eoruovision music contest and suggested that the Russian activist may be over reacting because he was out of the spotlight and not in charge.

Last night a post appeared on Alexeyev’s Facebook page labeling Petrelis as a pedophile.

Perhaps most bizarre of all, is a series of photographs were posted to Alexeyev’s account under the title ‘Kidnapping’. In the album were three “supposed” images of Alexeyev in a bunker-like location dressed only in his underwear. A subsequent status update made reference to a ‘porno contract’. (Please see update at bottom)

Earlier this week, Alexeyev was summoned before a committee to answer charges of libeling two Russian politicians who had played a central role in the introduction of  the well know ‘anti-gay propaganda’ law. The timing of the erratic updates has led some of his more ardent supporters to speculate that Alexeyev was, in fact, detained following the hearing and that his account has been hacked by anti-gay Russian forces in an attempt to undermine him but no one knows for sure.

This is the second time that Alexeyev has “disappeared”

Back2Stonewall.com will keep you updated when further information becomes available.

UPDATE: As of 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on Sunday Nikolai Alexeyev Facebook page was deleted his Twitter account @n_alexeyev remains active

UPDATE: Here are some lLstserve comments, courtesy of OBlogDeOBlogDa of (unnamed quotes) from LGBT activists who have know Alexeyev for years:-

(1) ” Nikolai is a part time resident of Russia and spends much time with his very wealthy Swiss banker boyfriend Pierre in Geneva. It is Pierre who funds him, including his first class world travel excursions. There is a web site where folks post info about their world travels and Nikolai has shared many photos of him at exclusive ski resorts and on fancy cruise ships and generally enjoying the high life. I forget the name of that site, but he also used to cross post stories and pix of his travels at his now dormant Live Journal:http://alexeyev.livejournal.com/ “

(2) “I’m disgusted by his Tweets saying there’s no implementation of the law, and that applications from Russian gays in US and Canada for asylum are based on bogus hate at home, and that Masha Gessen has no reason to fear her kids will be taken away, and other messages that could be used by Putin’s regime against gays in Russia. Nikolai has wealth from the Swiss boyfriend and is able to live part time in Switzerland or travel first class anywhere in the world. Thousands of average LGBT Russians lack the means to do that and probably cannot even afford to live on their own. Yet none of that matters as he throws his latest temper tantrum and be assured, the Russian haters closely monitor his online pages and sites.”

(3) “he’s engaging in his usual grand diva way on his Twitter account, something about no longer being involved in politics and also not opposed to Putin:
https://twitter.com/n_alexeyev . He has retired more times than Cher has had good-bye tours, and I learned the hard way how not to trust him, what a bully he is, that he’s anti-Semitic and pro-death penalty and a wealthy egomaniac. I doubt he’s been hacked and based on what you wrote sounds like his alienation of supporters has resurfaced. Oh, and remember that his claims of being kidnapped and held (sorta) incommunicado for three days in 2010 has never been independently verified.”

NOTE:  I brightened the picture of the “supposed” images of Alexeyev that were too dim to make out if it was really him on Facebook.  It does indeed seem to be Nikolai.





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  1. Say it aint so, Nikolai! Say it aint so! He looks a little too calm in his ‘kidnapping’ photo to really be in a tough spot. I really liked him, shame.

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