GOP Allen West: You Can’t Compare LGBT Rights To Civil Rights “It’s apples and vegetables”

GOP March on Washington Lunch

Black Republicans came out in force at the Republican National Committee’s Monday Luncheon event to mark the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington with many speaking out that you can’t compare LGBT Rights to Civil Rights:

Former Congressman Allen West

“It’s apples and vegetables,.  You’re talking about a race of people, I don’t think you can make that comparison between a race of people and the gay rights movement, if that’s what you want to call it. I think about what my parents had to endure in South Georgia in the ’40s and ’50s… You know, we made some strides when you look at the fact that I was able to run a congressional district that was 92% white and when I was born my parents could not have gone there. Now there are still some things we have to do. When you read that speech, you really understand what we have to do better in the black community.”

North Carolina GOP committeewoman Ada Fisher:

“I think it’s unfortunate that people have diluted the purpose of the march on Washington. I think it’s an unfair comparison. Whenever anybody wants something in this country they compare it the civil rights movement. The fight is giving equal rights and equal opportunity to Americans. The immigration movement is disingenuous, we don’t talk about the impact of illegal immigration coming and displacing minority groups for jobs, nor do we talk about an unfair immigration policy where those people from Haiti are sent home and those people who walk across the border are allowed to stay.”

Bob Woodson, former president of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise and  non staff member at The Heritage Foundation:

“I didn’t hear poor people mentioned at all very much [on Saturday]. It was the environmentalists, women, gays, and immigrants. Everybody except poor people. The next frontier for me in the civil rights movement, is what are we doing for the least of gods children? Everybody has come in front of them on the bus: gays, immigrants, women, environmentalists. We never hear about the conditions confronting poor blacks and poor people in general.

Yes, Woodson, a Republican actually had the nerve to “go there” at a  high end catered GOP Luncheon where most if not all in the room are responsible for making conditions worse for low income black Americans and suppressing their voting rights just to be a bigot.

GOP – Supporting LGBT and poor folks since…never.

Source: Buzzfeed

3 thoughts on “GOP Allen West: You Can’t Compare LGBT Rights To Civil Rights “It’s apples and vegetables”

  1. To former congressman Allen Weset: Apples and Vegetables are both part of one family: fruits!

    As black people and homosexual people are both part of one family: harassed, murdered, tortured, humiliated, discriminated… with one single reason: they were and are something individually one can not do anything about: black people can not become white people, homosexual people can not become heterosexual people!

    Denying the fact that discrimination is simply that, discrimination, and that those suffering from it are victims of hatred is foul, rotten and stinks!

    Claiming that his ancestors suffered more then the “ancestors” of homosexual people is claiming to be a bigger victim then the other, and that is, in my opinion, more worse then being called a fag by a bigot!

    That in fact is a claim that that only racists can make!

  2. What tickles me the most about this post, is that Allen West is a FORMER
    congressman. I think he should go out and find something else to do.
    Although, sticking around just helps the GOP to continue looking like and being the racist, and gay hating bigots they have been all the long.

    1. I think that it’s best to keep all the bigots in one place…. the GOP, then we can locate them, fighting and exposing them for what they are: scum of the lowest order ever, bigots with nothing but hate and hatemongering abilities!

      It makes the GOP show what it is in principle: a hatemongering, bigotted and racist organization that should be eradicated and declared a terrorist organization!

      My opinion!

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