George Takei Says It’s Time to Move the 2014 Winter Olympics Out of Russia

George takai Olympics

Mr. Sulu is pissed and he has set his phaser on KILL!

Actor and activist George Takei says its well past time to move the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games out of Russia due to its anti-gay human rights violations.

“Many believe that such a call to move the Olympics out of Russia goes too far. Would this be their opinion if the law instead called for the arrest of any Jews, Roman Catholics or Muslims should they display any sign of their religion, such as a wearing a yamaka or praying while facing Mecca? Discrimination in any form is a blight upon the Winter Games, and it must not be tolerated.

NBC and the corporate sponsors of the Olympics should be paying close attention, too, and should get behind the “Move the Olympics” movement now, while there is still time to do so. If the Winter Olympics proceed in Sochi, Russia, all of the goodwill they have spent millions to build will evaporate in noisy protests, boycotts, and terrible publicity. I personally will be beating this particular drum loudly, as will many other LGBT actors, activists and allies. Trust me, if you are a corporate brand, you do not want to be associated with the Sochi Olympics.

Nations are not judged merely on their might, but also by how they treat their most vulnerable. Russia’s cynical and deplorable actions against the LGBT community have given license to hate groups within its borders to act with violence and impunity against a group, based solely on whom they were born to love. It now seeks to spread that hate abroad through its tainted Olympics. If Russia hopes to stand with the International Community, it must accept and adopt international principles of equality and non-discrimination.”

Meanwhile Russian officials have been issuing conflicting statements left and right whether athletes and visitors to the Olympics will be harassed and prosecuted under the anti-gay laws. The IOC has said it is stands by Russia’s assurances which does nothing to change the fact that human rights abuses are being inflicted upon LGBT people there on a daily basis.


1 thought on “George Takei Says It’s Time to Move the 2014 Winter Olympics Out of Russia

  1. Well, in fact he is right…. having the 2014 OG in Russia with all the anti-gay and anti-democratic activities going on there would be supporting the hate-campaign against homosexual people, and the undermining of human rights going on in Russia!

    BUT.. the great question then arises…were to hold the 2014 OG then? Tike to appoint another city isn’t there, and going back to another former city were the OG were held is impossible due to infrastructure, money etc. etc! Solution may be pass the 2014 OG at all……. Would be novum indeed… but it at the same time it would give a huge signal to all that human rights and equal rights are important to People!

    Lets decide to have the OG go back to Greece, permanently! So that every four years the OG are in the same place, and the basics of the OG are restored….. ending and removing the commercial and the politics from it!
    Making it a SPORTS event again!

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