Gay Russian Activist Nikolai Alexeyev Meltsdown Again, Quits Activism After Michael Lucas Article

Nikolai Alexseyev crazy mofo

Gay Russian activist Nikolai Alekseev (Alexeyev) who has been been throwing a series of tantrums of late bashing America for getting involved in the fight Russian LGBT gay human rights, (without asking him) after Vladamir Putin passed a series of sweeping anti-gay Russain laws reminiscent of the anti-Jewish Nuremberg Laws of Nazi Germany.  Alekseev (Alexeyev) has gone off the deep end  once again and is now quitting LGBT activism after American activist and gay porn maven Michael Lucas wrote an op-ed for criticizing him and wondering if there is more behind his recent actions than meets the eye.

Lucas, as a gay Jew who grew up in Russia, argues that Alexeyev might have been either bought off or coerced into becoming  the Kremlin’s “pocket gay.” after his recent anti-American behavior and softening view of Russia’s anti-gay laws.  Either way, Lucas writes, “he can no longer be trusted as an advocate for LGBT Russians.”

“If “gays are the new Jews” in Russia, as many people have said, then Nikolai Alexeyev is the new Anti-Zionist Committee. Russia is desperate again: The upcoming Sochi Olympics are important to Putin’s sense of his standing in the world, and the international campaign against Russian homophobia is staining them more every day. This campaign is working, and Russia knows it. What better way to slow this movement’s momentum — and to confuse and discourage those in the West who have working for it — than for its most visible advocate to minimize its importance and dismiss it as a Western, anti-Russian plot?”

Lucas’ op-ed of course sent Rasputin Alexeyev into a frenzy not only threatening to sue Lucas but also causing him to act out and quit the Russian LGBT movement.  Alexeyev also threatened to “hire a hitman” and kill Lucas because he will “not go unpunished”

A hit man, how very Russian of him.

Regardless of all this drama, I have to say I agree with Micheal Lucas.  If not in content but in final statement.  As sad as it may be.  It  has become clear that as long as Alexeyev’s bizarre behavior continues he can no longer be trusted as an advocate and spokesperson for LGBT Russians and equaluity.  And it pains me to say that.  He has done much good in that county in recent years, but now there is something wrong.  Weather its mental problem, alcohol, drugs or perhaps who knows maybe he did sellout until he meets with and talks with LGBT world leaders which he has refused to do.

In my opinion Nikolai Alekseev (Alexeyev) can no longer, and should be trusted.

Nicolai A crazy bastard


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