Gay-ly News Round-up 8/23/13: Nikolai Alekseev’s Tantrum Continues, John Travolta, Filmore Protest and MORE

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*Daniel Hernandez, former intern turned politician who saved Gabby Giffords life hit with nasty GOP/Tea Party recall effort insinuating that he’s not a real man because he is gay.

*John Travolta, Orange Is the New Black‘s Laura Prepon, Parenthood‘s Erika Christensen, Jenna Elfman, and Michael Pena attend Scientology Gala in L.A.  HAIL XENU!

*The Casa Di Amici Condominium condo association of Venice, Florida ends ban on unmarried couples at a special meeting last Thursday where they amended a rule allowing only singles and husband-and-wife couples to buy or lease units within the community. The policy, approved in a July 17 meeting as part of 34 pages of amendments, generated anger among some who saw the measure as discriminatory against gay couples, who cannot legally marry in Florida.”

*Equality MD to protest Mexican anti-gay band rock/rap band Molotav at the Fillmore in Silver Springs.  Molotov’s response “Go fuck your whore mother.”  At least they are bi-lingual in their hate.

*Will Emery, the 17-year-old son of a banker, is the first openly gay elected student head of a top British school, according to UK media.  Go Will!

*Bloomberg News Editorial Board piles on American Sochi Russia Winter Olympic sponsors: “Unless the IOC acts, sponsors such as Coca-Cola Co., McDonald’s Corp. and Visa Inc. will be tied to an officially anti-gay Olympics.” BURN!

*The TSA issues guidelines for transgender travelers that basically state:  If you are transgender, you can expect TSA’s travel requirements to be even more inconvenient and humiliating than they are for non-transgender travelers.  Hope and change my ass.

*Mg Ser Miang, the Vice President of the International Olympic Committe, made clear today that he has no plans to do anything, because the Sochi Russian Winter Olympics are going to be a “wonderful” games.

*And speaking of CRAZY.  Russian LGBT activist Nikolai Alekseev wrote an op-ed for the Russian television network RT in which he once again acts like a petulant child speaking out against the American LGBT communities help against the atrocities going on in Russia because he is not in charge.  Rumors of payoff. drug addiction and alcoholism are being reported.

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