Gay Couple Beaten By Mob For Holding Hands In NYC’s Gay Neighborhood Chelsea

Men holding hands

It seems we are not safe anywhere……

Last night an anti-gay attack happened in the NYC gay-borhood of Chelsea when a group of 6 or more people targeted two gay men for holding hands on West 24th Street, and beat them while calling them “faggot” and other anti-gay slurs.

The victims, ages 53 years old and 27, were walking home from a movie.

The men were treated at a nearby hospital and released shortly after. One sustained a laceration to the side of his face, while the other had a laceration on his chin that required seven stitches.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn issued the following statement:

“I am appalled by reports that two men were senselessly beaten in Chelsea simply because they were perceived to be gay. Holding hands as they walked down West 24th Street, they were assaulted as their attackers hurled anti-gay slurs.

The cowardly individuals who committed this crime do not represent New Yorkers and our community will not be cowed by such violence. New York City’s greatest strength is our diversity, and we will not stand for attacks against anyone, for any reason. We thank the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force for taking immediate action to investigate this incident, and urge anyone with information about these assaults to contact the Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-866-313-TIPS.”


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