Frankfort, KY Bigots Turn Out To Fight LGBT Inclusive Fairness Ordinance – Video

Eunice Montfort Al's Electric Frankfort

The Frankfort KY Board of Commissioners had a public re-reading of its first LGBT inclusive fairness ordinance last night that that caused some anti-gay Kentuckians to speak out against it.

The new fairness ordinance would add adds sexual orientation and gender identity to the the current version prohibit discrimination in housing, public accommodation or employment based on gender identity or sexual orientation.

The fairness ordinance does have exemptions though. People hiring an in-home nurse or domestic, and landlords renting a room in their home or half of a duplex in which they live would not have to comply with the ordinance. Religious organizations would also be exempt once again allowing discrimination because of  religious beliefs. The ordinance also would provide for exemption under the state’s newly adopted Religious Freedom Act, which states in part that “government shall not substantially burden a person’s freedom of religion.”

But that still is not enough for opponents the ordinance.

“If I owned an apartment building, and I have couples, families living in my apartment building, and a gay couple comes in there proclaiming their gayness and hugging and kissing on each other, with those other families in my apartment building, and their children watching this?  Yes, I absolutely would,” (discriminate) said Ed Gantley.

Other opponents are calling the ordinance immoral. Including Eunice Montfort a human resources manager (!) at Art’s Electric, Inc. 

“I don’t particularly want to end up in court, because I choose not to do something that a gay wants me to do.  Go find somebody who doesn’t care.  There are a zillions of them out there.  Leave me alone.  I do care,” said Montfort.

There’s a lot  of fear for change,” said Mayor William May. “But the  members of Frankfort’s LGBT community need the city government to protect them.”

The Frankfort City Commissioners will vote at the end of August in what is predicted to be a very close vote.

  • Update: In a phone call with Mrs. Montfort whose husband incidentally owns Art’s Electric he claims that LGBT people are already protected against discrimination by law. (Because she’s an HR person and that’s her job to know that) and she’s only speaking out to  protect HER freedom of speech and right to hate.
    And Jesus, not HER Jesus but the REAL one wept.


6 thoughts on “Frankfort, KY Bigots Turn Out To Fight LGBT Inclusive Fairness Ordinance – Video

  1. Here are valid reasons why the proposed amendments to the Fair Housing, Public Accommodations and Employment Ordinance for Frankfort, KY are unfair and wrong.

    1. I object to the proposed changes to the Fairness Ordinance because it will reduce the freedom of businesses in making hiring choices for their organizations. It might force them to employ homosexuals, even if these individuals are not as qualified, or suitable for a position, as other job candidates. The Ordinance may encourage lawsuits by homosexuals, which in many cases, will not be found to be discrimination cases. These lawsuits will cost the businesses, the individuals, and the government thousands of dollars.

    2. This revised Ordinance is, also, unfair, because, if passed, it will give employment advantages to homosexuals, over equally qualified, or perhaps, more qualified job candidates, because employers will fear that they will be sued, if the homosexual is not hired. This intimidation would be very unjust.

    3. My objection to this Fairness Ordinance is, also, for religious reasons. Although, this proposed ordinance has an exception clause for churches and religious organizations, this is not enough to protect the religious freedom of all the Franklin County, KY citizens.

    For an example, if a Christian family, who owned a Bed and Breakfast, wanted to exercise their religious freedom, and only lodge married heterosexuals, they could not do this, if the ‘unfair’ Fairness Ordinance was passed. They would be forced to lodge homosexual couples, or be fined, or be put into jail, if they did not do this. It is wrong to force someone to go against their moral beliefs.

    4. Another reason that this ordinance should not be passed, is because it would label homosexual behavior as moral and acceptable by everyone. It is not! The supreme authority on this subject is God, our creator. There is not any verse in the Bible that says that homosexual behavior is right. In the book of Genesis, we are told that Sodom and Gommorah, which was filled with homosexuals and other sexually immoral people was destroyed by God, because of their terrible sins. Throughout the Bible, the Lord calls homosexual behavior wrong.

    5. If this ‘unfair’ Fairness Ordinance is passed, it will not only hurt Christians, but it will hurt all homosexuals, because they will be falsely told, that their same sex unions are moral and right. If you love dshomosexuals, God wants you to tell the truth, so that they know that they need to turn from their sin and ask Jesus to forgive them and become their Lord and Savior. Homosexual behavior is sin, just like lying, stealing, and killing is.

    6. Everyone sins, but if a sin is labeled good, it can blind people about the truth. The Bible presents a clear path to eternal life with God. First, we must recognize that we have sinned against God: “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). (Everyone has done things that are displeasing to God, which makes us deserving of punishment.) Since all our sins are ultimately against an eternal God, only an eternal punishment is sufficient. (This horrible eternity would be spent in Hell!) “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23). Our Creator loves everyone, but He wants you to acknowledge your sin and turn from it, and pray to Jesus to become your Lord and Savior. That’s why He sent Jesus to die on a cross, and why the Lord was resurrected, to show us that we can have eternal life through Him! John 3:16

    You can be freed from your sinful lifestyle and Jesus will spiritually make you, ‘Born Again’, a new person in Christ! Just turn from all sin, and ask Jesus to become your Lord and Savior. (This is for heterosexuals and homosexuals, alike.) Then you will have joy, peace and the strength to do God’s Will in your life. He will bless you in many ways!

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