“Ex-Gay” Homophobe Robert Oscar Lopez Plays The Race Card Over Donnie McClurkin

Robert Oscar Lopez

For those of you who don’t know who Robert Oscar Lopez is.  Lopez is an ‘ex-gay’ bisexual who blames his adult social dysfunction on having been raised by a lesbian mom and whose ramblings are being widely used on the anti-gay circuit.  Lopez’s so-called “testimonies” have been used by NOM and the American Family Association to claim that gay parenting is inherently related to child abuse,

Lopez switches gears this week to take up the case of gospel singer Donnie McClurkin  who was cut from a Martin Luther King Jr. memorial concert over his anti-gay comments  Lopez uses the race card as an excuse in a long and almost incoherent rambling in the American Stinker Thinker claiming that the “mean gays” had him pulled  because of his “black Christian” beliefs.

“The most blatant contempt toward black Americans I’ve seen recently has come from none other than the organized leadership of the LGBT lobby.

 Donnie McClurkin, an award-winning musician, was supposed to perform at the fiftieth anniversary of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s march on Washington.  McClurkin is a black Christian who has come forward with an inspiring life story.  He was molested as a boy and developed homosexual behaviors, possibly as a result of the trauma.  Later his faith helped him to overcome his homosexual desires and live a more biblical life. 

Under pressure from gay power activists in Washington such as Phil Pannel, the mayor of Washington, D.C., Vincent Gray, decided to drop McClurkin from the concert.  McClurkin was humiliated.  LGBT activists felt that someone who had called homosexuality a “sin” could not perform at a concert commemorating the life and work of a black Christian reverend. [snip]

What is the ideology of the LGBT lobby, by the way?  And why does it seem to clash so incessantly with the views of black people, who are — with the notable exception of Jason Collins, Barack Obama, and Obama’s die-hard followers — unimpressed with the comparison between their lives and the claims of the LGBT lobby?

People who love the same sex come with many different agendas and experiences.  The peculiar ideology of the LGBT lobby, however, seems fashioned perfectly to inflame the rage and resistance of African-Americans.  First, the ideology is based on biological determinism.  The repeated appeals to the Fourteenth Amendment depend upon the notion that homosexuals are born with their orientation in the same way black people are born with dark skin.  This isn’t the most inviting way to start a comparison: “Hi, I’m a guy who loves playing with other men’s genitals, and that’s just like you being black!”

 There is an added dimension to this dangerous form of essentialism, however.  The LGBT lobby is driven by the belief that people whom they classify as “born homosexuals” must engage in the actual acts of sexual gratification with the same sex, or there is something wrong with them.  Within this logic, it is impossible to go from homosexual activity to non-homosexual activity.  So convinced are LGBT activists of this rejection of free will and self-control that they have moved to make it illegal in California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts for counselors to help minors cease or avoid sexual activities with the same sex.

 The LGBT lobby also demands that same-sex couples have the right to be parents.  Here is where the movement becomes utterly irreconcilable with black history, regardless of how much Melissa Harris-Perry may enjoy her repartee with Thomas Roberts.  For same-sex couples to become parents, they must purchase children.  They won’t call it that, of course.  But buying sperm from a sperm-bank or renting a woman’s womb both entail the exchange of money for ownership of a child.  The state is then embroiled in the arrangement as an enforcer of the contract, compelling the child and third parties to respect the authority of two adults, one or both of whom are unrelated to the child, and both of whom came into possession of a dependent human being through money.  (Those high incomes that Crystal Dixon pointed out among gay couples come in handy.)

 How does this sound for a race of people who came out of slavery?  Do you think it makes sense to tell black people, who were treated as chattel and stereotyped as savages incapable of self-control, that they ought to jump on board?”

Of course no where in Lopez’s rambling article does he state that he is an “ex-gay” with mental issues and a personal agenda.  But what’s really disturbing is how quickly he has become a mouthpiece for the anti-gay crowd and how elected anti-gay officials seem to be giving him a venue for all his dangerous dysfunction.

5 thoughts on ““Ex-Gay” Homophobe Robert Oscar Lopez Plays The Race Card Over Donnie McClurkin

  1. For his anti-gay, NOMzi-linked hate-mongering, Robert Oscar Lopez deserves to have dog shit hurled at him wherever he goes, To take just one phrase from his current rant – there is no evidence whatsoever that childhood sexual molestation is linked to the victim’s later sexual orientation in any way. Empirically we know that the majority of people sexually abused as children are heterosexuals as adults. Where are the gay-bashing Jesus freaks like Robert “dog shit” Lopez to claim that those child abuse victims turned out heterosexual because they were sexually abused as children?

  2. Lopez appears to be appealing to low-information bigots. He alleges that the only black people who support LGBT equality are President Obama and Jason Collins. Meanwhile in reality, the NAACP supports equality. Pastor Michael Bledsoe is among the many LGBT-rights supportive African-American leaders. The Congressional Black Caucus overwhelmingly supports LGBT equality. When musician Frank Ocean came out as gay, he met with support across the industry, including from African-Americans in the industry. Oprah and Whoppie Goldberg both support equality. Et cetera.

  3. There’s an app for that!

    When you spend all your time trying to find excuses for your feelings, and behavior, you will find one. So what if the core of his problems stemmed from his mother being a Lesbien? The alternative? Being raised in a shelter? That would entail another set of behavior, to which he’d dine an excuse.

    In terms of his heritage? There’s an app(excuse) for that.

    When I look back at my own life, I can invent an excuse for every reason I am who I am. But I make no excuses, because I’m too busy inventing myself in the best way I can despite how I was raised, and the circumstances that evolved during, and through it.

    In the end -well by no means the end, I embrace all the adversity, because I’m stronger, smatter, funnier, and happier th an I would be if I were to just look for excuses for the feelings I have.

    So to Robet Oscar Lopez, good luck with happiness. It’s not something you inherit, or acquire. It’s a constant effort, and there’s no age at which it’s achieved. It’s a work in progress, and there’s no app for that.

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