A Thank You Email To Back2Stonewall.com – BEST EMAIL EVER!


Dear Back2Stonewall,

 I wanted to write and say thank you for your constant “in your face” coverage of LGBT issues. It is incredibly heartening to find a site that minces no words about the anti-gay and homophobic agendas of our detractors, so often presented in totally fictional ways or with completely demeaning and hate filled statements. I think for the morale of the community we need you to continue with your verbal barrage against homophobia in all its forms. While it may be necessary for organizations like HRC, GLAAD, and the Advocate to present the facts in a moderate manner, too often the result is just Pablum. You keep the fire burning hot in our bellies, stripping  injustice, in all its forms, of its’ thin cloak of respectability. There must be zero tolerance for the likes of the FRC and AFA and the vile, poisonous rhetoric they constantly spit out at us. Your commentaries always go to the heart of the issue, without any pussy-footing around. Good job men! Never stop!
Don Larson
Thanks Don:
I am, as I am sure all who contribute to this site are extremely humbled and thank you for sending this letter. It was my intention when I stated this website to do just as you stated above and I am glad that we here at Back2stonewall have never wavered in honest in your face reporting of LGBT issues and we never will. (No matter who we piss off)
Its letters and notes like yours that keeps us going.
Thank you so very much.
Will Kohler

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