CBS Brings Back Racist GOP HomoCON Colton Cumbie for Survivor 27: Blood vs Water

Colton Cumbucket Cumbie

The upcoming 27th installment of CBS’s fading hit reality show Survivor returns next month and as per usual to try to keep the franchise alive it will bring a new twist, the castaways will consist of ten returning players each competing against their very own loved ones. (YAWN)

Unfortunately Survivor and its casting agents (which must be the same as Big Bother’s) have decided that one of the returning players and his “fiance” will be the infamous Colton Cumbie, the gay, racist, and elitist Republican bully of last year’s Survivor: One World.

“Dammit I’m Cumbie”  has the maturity of an unfertilized egg and on his first stint on Survivor  convinced his tribe to give up their immunity idol so that he could vote out fellow black tribemate Bill  whom Cumbie called “ghetto trash” and told the African-American stand-up comic to “get a real job” before listing all the Black people he interacts with in his everyday life including his housekeeper.  But it far from ends there. Cumbie racist and insensitive comments continued throughout his time on the show at one point calling a little person contestant (Lief)  a “munchkin,” and bullying another contestant and telling her to “jump in the fire”

It not only amazes me but in my opinion it is and afront to the LGBT community especially at this time in our fight for full civil rights that CBS and Survivor deem it  fit to bring Cumbie back as a contestant this season especially since here have been many lesbian and gay contestants on Survivor with a much more positive images including Rafe Judkins, Spencer Duhm, Todd Herzog, J.P. Calderon, Ami Cusack, and Scout Cloud Lee to name a few.  But like this years casting of Big Brother CBS will once again be using racism and intolerance to get ratings at the LGBT community’s expense.


What do you think?

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