Canada To Offer Political Asylum To Persecuted LGBT Russians


Canada has announced they will offer refuge status and accept into the country Russian LGBT citizens suffering under Vladimir Putin’s oppressive anti-gay regime.

According to The Globe and Mail:

Canada’s refugee board is likely to look favourably on claims of persecution by gay asylum-seekers from Russia, the Immigration Minister says.

Chris Alexander said Monday in Surrey, B.C., that Russia has taken the wrong path in restricting the fundamental rights of its gay community, and that any refugee claims “related to this particular issue will of course be looked at very seriously by our very generous system.”

Lawyer Rob Hughes, who is representing two gay Russian men claiming refugee status in Canada, says he expects more Russians to make claims based on sexual orientation.

Canada has a history of offering safe-haven to persecuted LGBT people who reside in countries  hostile towards them unfortunately though the United States is not included in that list..

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