He’s Back! Nikolai Alekseev UN-QUITS, Appears on Russian TV to Bash LGBT “Westerners” – Video

nicklai aleskov

Nikolai Alexeyev, Nikolai Alekseev or Nicolay Alexseev (depending who spells it) is back!

His 24 hour diva retirement from LGBT activism over Micheal Lucas’ OUT magazine article is over and today he appeared (to do damage control) on the (Kremlin funded) news organization Russia Today to bash “Western” LGBT’s and say that its really not that bad in Russia with the help of some talking heads and a very passive Peter Thatchell.

In a nutshell we suck and Nikolai is GOD! (Well lately really more like Rasputin)

What a mess.



3 thoughts on “He’s Back! Nikolai Alekseev UN-QUITS, Appears on Russian TV to Bash LGBT “Westerners” – Video

  1. No, not at all a mess….

    All we see is a almost perfect show of power by the Kremlin (ie Putin) to divide the LGBT community, in Russia, making them puzzled and confused on who is their s and who’s the opposition.
    Putin sees sponsors walk out on the OG in Sotchi 2014, sees a debacle of the worst sort and kind coming economically wise, sees all around the world a media-opposition that is unknown, and tries to do damage control…. by making the one who was the leader of the LGBT community in Russia look like an idiot!

  2. This was painful to watch. I don’t remember her name but she just doesn’t seem to understand that it is about Russia because, 1. This law is actually a step backwards for gay rights. And just like the “kill the gays bill” of Ugandy that is going to attract attention. Yes there are horrible things done to gay people in many countries around the world and we need to make progress in these places but steps backwards can’t be tolerated. And 2. Russia is in the spot light now due to the Olympics so it is a perfect time to get global attention. She may not like it but too bad. Go Nokolai. Stay strong.

  3. Turns out Nikolai was only pretended to be a gay activist. Over the last few days he decided to come out of the closet as an anti-Semite. He is spewing Mein Kampf-based hate about “Jids” (sic) at a rate of one twit a minute

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