Over 10,000 March Against Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws In Copenhagen, America Take Note – Video

Copenhagen Russian protest

The Copenhagen Post reports on a massive march which broght together both LGBT and straight Copenhagen citizens to march against Putin and Russia’s anti-gay laws  yesterday:

Ten thousand people got an early start on Copenhagen Pride festivities on Tuesday with a demonstration against Russia’s recently passed anti-gay law. Protestors taking part in the ‘To Russia with Love’ demonstration gathered in front of Christiansborg, the house of parliament, and then proceeded to march to the Russian Embassy, where they submitted signatures of people opposing the law. The demonstration’s organisers had hoped 2,000 people would participate, but media reports put the turnout at upwards of 10,000 demonstrators.

God bless the citizens of Copenhagen for standing up and speaking out.

But this question needs to be asked.  Are any LGBT American’s taking note?  because this is what a protest really looks like and what we should be doing not only for Russia, but for our own equal rights here in America.

What do you think?

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