PRIDE Media Owner Donates to Anti-LGBT Republicans AGAIN

YouTuber @TjSotomayor’s Anti-Gay Rant: “Gay People Stop Comparing Your Sexuality To My Race!”

shame on you

Misinformed, misogynistic, homophobic, and unfortunately very popular.  Tommy (TJ) Sotomayor spreads his warped sense of perspective on the “ownership” of civil rights, how homosexuality is a choice, and how gays cannot be truly oppressed because we can “hide” our sexuality while he cannot hide being black.

Whats even worse are the comments listed below his video.

Mr. Sotomayor and his followers need to learn that the color of civil rights in America is NOT black.  Civil rights are blind to color, blind to race, and blind to sexual orientation. And no one “owns” the movement. The fight for the civil rights of gay people is as much a fight as the fight for the civil rights of black people. This isn’t a contest to see who’s been the biggest victim. This is a struggle for equality before the law so that the law doesn’t see black or white, gay or straight, or  man or woman but sees only citizens of the American and works to treat everyone equally.

Who needs NOM when you have @TjSotomayor?

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