New York Gay Youth Stand Up To Homophobic Bigots On F Train After NYC Pride – Video

F Train Homophobes

Last Sunday night on June 30th of NYC’s LGBT Pride festivities. Two men were loudly making homophobic commentt on the outbound F Train. ” “Today was a scary day for me, there were fags everywhere.” one of them men was heard saying.

A group of LGBT youth got on the train, and the men proceeded to harass them, stating that the teens made them want to puke and that they would be killed if they were in Iran. The first assailant then threatened to rape them,

At that point a concerned citizen took out her cellphone and started  to document the incident.”

“Seeing that he was being recorded, the first assailant lunged at me, violently grabbing my arms while trying to steal away my phone. One of the youth took the phone from me temporarily to protect it and told the assailant he shouldn’t attack a woman. When the assailant threatened to punch me, I took the phone back and ran to the other side of the train to push the emergency button and alert the authorities. At this point the second assailant got up and came towards me, grabbing my body and hands to try and get the phone to destroy the evidence. I yelled and told him I was an attorney.

An onlooker then got up and stood between the assailants and myself, and another person left to get the train conductor.A group of people had gathered to stand up to the gay bashers. During this, the second assailant put his hand around the neck of a young queer woman. When the doors opened up at the Roosevelt Ave stop, both assailants fled. I followed them to the station exit while calling 911. One witness had overheard them saying they were on route to Jamaica; they’re likely commuters who regularly take this route.”

Cynthia Nixon said something interesting on HBO the other night, and I paraphrase here…  she said because our government doesn’t recognize us as full citizens it allows the fringe radicals in our society to treat us anyway they want because they know the government doesn’t care about us.

Nixon has a point.  The longer that it takes us to reach full equality and unfortunately the closer that we get the violence against us wil continue.  Only once it is over and done will it quiet down.  That is why its imperative to stop dragging out our fight with state by state battles and piecemeal legislation.

As for the queer youth, the brave woman who shot this video and others on that train who stood up to these homophobic assholes. BRAVO!

That is what Gay Pride is all about.

We’re here. We’re queer. Fucking deal with it!

2 thoughts on “New York Gay Youth Stand Up To Homophobic Bigots On F Train After NYC Pride – Video

  1. You write, “That is why its imperative to stop dragging out our fight with state by state battles and piecemeal legislation.”

    It would be wonderful if we could do that. But how do you suggest we advance a national gay civil rights bill through a dysfunctional Congress?

  2. There has been almost 76,000 views on Youtube. The very sad part of this whole incident is the way the situation escalated. It was almost as much racial as homophobic. The heavyset black women should have kept her cool. Had she done so there would have been a lot more sympathy for the kids. The man was an ass, yes, but the situation did not have to become so out of control. And I hope they find them for the physical attack. NOT a smart thing to do.

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