TNT’s Major Crimes Creates Anti-Bully PSA For GLSEN After Heartbreaking LGBT Episode – Video

Major Crimes anti-bullying PSA

The cast of  TNT’s Major Crimes came together to create an anti-bullying PSA for GLSEN that was released today after last nights episode Boys Will Be Boys” (written by Jim Leonard and out Executive Producer James Duff). The episode revolves around identity in that a 13-year old murder victim named Michelle. It’s quickly revealed that is a physiological male with gender dysphoria.  the episode was well done.

Major Crimes is also running a storyline concerning the teenage character of Rusty.  Initially brought in for one episode at the end of The Closer, the troubled teen (played by Graham Patrick Martin) was carried over to Major Crimes as a regular character.

Rusty’s orientation has been thus far unclear, but his past as a homeless a teen prostitute has certainly raised questions.  And Rusty’s coming out which may or may not be happening has not been easy or fast but has been a well handled plot point.

The episode “Bpys Will be Boys” will be aired again on TNT Monday July 22nd. at 8:00pm




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