Actress Tilda Swinton Makes Defiant LGBT Statement While In Moscow, Russia

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Beside her diverse film career, actress and LGBT advocate Tilda Swinton has become someone known for making simple yet very meaningful statements. So this past week she decided to hold a rainbow flag, the symbol of the LGBT community while in Russia in light of their recent creation of even more Anti-LGBT laws. Here’s more:

A photograph of Academy Award-winning actress Tilda Swinton defending Russia’s beleaguered lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community by holding a rainbow flag in front of Moscow’s Kremlin is going viral in the blogosphere.

The star, who nabbed an Oscar for “Michael Clayton” in 2007, reportedly released the following statement on the photograph via her spokesperson: “In solidarity. From Russia with love.”

Swinton’s bold move comes at a particularly critical time for Russia’s LGBT residents. Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a so-called “gay propaganda” bill into law which imposes large fines on residents who “provide information” about the LGBT community to minors, according to The Guardian. Similar laws had already taken effect in St. Petersburg and other cities.

The Russian government was quick to respond to their discontent of Swinton’s action citing that if other tourist attempted to reenact her actions that they would be jailed for up to five days in jail. With Vladimir Putin signing a new law preventing same sex couples from adopting, it has been a hard week for LGBT members in this part of the world.

The country seems to be regressing back not progressing forward to the 21st century. But maybe the more vocal other countries are in showing their government how outdated policies in a peaceful manner as Swinton has done, it will show that they have nothing to fear from us.

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  1. The worst thing people can do to advance LFBT rights is to go into a foreign country and tell them how the live. Working to support social change activists INSIDE Russia is a great thing. Being a symbol of what they say is a western influence to bring homosexuality to their country can only be a formula for backlash,

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