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Burning Swasitka PA

The Namey family of Western Pennsylvania woke up on Independence Day morning to a  swastika burning on their front lawn.

Namey states that the family isn’t Jewish  and while he said he was not sure why the family was targeted,  his daughter is openly gay and has been threatened with violence in the past.

“I have a 16-year-old daughter who is openly gay, and is proud, and we are proud of her,” Namey told the local newstation KDKA-TV.

“She’s a little more open with her sexuality — of course that sheds a spotlight on her,” Mr. Namey said. “She kind of just takes it in stride,” referring to the swastika incident. “She’s not going to let that change who she is.”

The bullying started to become a problem when she came out about three years ago and it got so bad that she became uncomfortable riding the bus to school.

On Tuesday, the silver Chevy Silvarado Mr. Namey’s 16-year-old stepson uses to drive his daughter to school, was covered with coins that were glued in the shape of a middle finger followed by the letter “u” and followed by an exclamation point, and doused in pink paint Mr. Namey. The word “think” was also scratched into the paint.

“We were just kind of dumbfounded,” Mr. Namey said.

“We don’t raise our kids to hate or treat people differently because of who they are. “That’s not something we’re used to being around.” Namely said.

The FBI and Buffalo Township police are investigating whether any federal hate crime laws were violated  (Duh. You think?)

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  1. Larry says:

    The FBI and Buffalo Township police are investigating whether any federal hate crime laws were violated (Duh. You think?)

    Yeah seems pretty freakin’ hateful to me.
    Of course a flaming swastika is appropriate, A burning broken cross dontcha know

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