Russian Lawmaker: “Gays Must Be Whipped, Treated and Re-Educated.”

Vladamir Putin

RIA Novosti  reports that a Siberian lawmaker has announced he intends to set up a group to protect Russians from gay people, and says that LGBT individuals must be treated and re-educated:

“None of these people [homosexuals] are harmless, and they force us to defend ourselves,” said Alexander Mikhalov, a deputy in the Zabaikalsky region legislative assembly. “Real attacks on normal people are underway. We have to re-educate [homosexuals], or treat them. Homosexuality is a dead-end in Russia’s evolution.”

Last month Mikhalov proposed regional legislation that would allow paratroopers and Cossacks the right to beat homosexuals with a leather whip in public places shortly before Vladimir Putin signed Russia’s draconian “Anti-Homosexual Propaganda Bill” into law.

Mikhalov’s legislation is still pending.

When exactly did Russia get taken over by the Family Research Council and the American Family Association?

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