Marco Rubio Blocking First Black Male Gay Judge To The Federal Bench

Judge William Thomas

The Washington Blade is reporting that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) and a little blue slip of paper are the only things standing in the way of advancing openly out gay Judge William Thomas for a seat on the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Thomas would be the first black out male judge to sit on a Federal bench. (the first out gay black judge was Deborah Batts, appointed by President Clinton in 1994.)

When  comes to senate confirmations of Presidential appointees to the bench, senators on the judiciary committee are not the only ones who get to weigh in. Senators from a nominee’s home state are involved  and provided with “blue slips” they must then submit in order for the confirmation process to continue and Rubio has been holding back his slip without explanation.

Now LGBT groups and others are calling for movement on Thomas’ nomination. The Washington Blade reports:

Fred Sainz, vice president of communications for the Human Rights Campaign, is among those calling for Rubio to take action.

“He should return the blue slip and allow this well-qualified jurist to get confirmed by the U.S. Senate,” Sainz said. “The federal district court system is already backlogged. There’s no good reason why justice should be further delayed when Judge Thomas is ready, willing and able to serve.”

Gee, I wonder what kind of problem Marco Rubio has helping to get a gay black judge seated on southern Florida’s US Disctrict Court bench?

*cough* RACIST HOMOPHOBE *cough*

4 thoughts on “Marco Rubio Blocking First Black Male Gay Judge To The Federal Bench

  1. How could mister Senator Rubio be against the appointment of Judge William Thomas to the bench?

    Of course not because Judge William Thomas is black, and most certainly not because Judge William Thomas is homosexual, and out about being homosexual! Surely that could never be the reasons for the Senator to withhold the Blue Slip, as when that would be the reasons, the Senator would be guilty of racism, which is a crime and will be punished (either by indictment or be not being re-elected and in the latter case be disgraced as the scum he then would turn out to be….), as well as bigotry, which as we all know an act of treason towards the dignity and honor of all homosexual American citizens, and as treason is punishable with death (as the USA is at war (against terrorism) and during war-time treason is sort of automatically reason for the death penalty (as the Senator as Republican is well aware of….))…

    Nobody can imagine the Senator having either one of these reasons for withholding the Blue Slip, can one? The Senator surely has a very valid and legal reason for withholding that Blue Slip…… probably a very simple reason… he lost it, or he cann’t find it, or perhaps he simply doesn’t know what the Blue Slip means (would not be an uncommon reason for a Republican Senator to not know what the meaning of a symbolism is…and thus failing in one’s duties as Senator…).

    Seriously though, and all joking aside, the Senator obviously refuses to have an openly homosexual black judge to sit on the bench of California!
    And the Senator obviously will do his utmost to obstruct the appointment, and by doing so the Senator obviously is indeed guilty of treason to the American Constitution, by refusing to act according to the wishes and desires of the People.

  2. How did Rubio actually get elected as a senator from Florida? I can’t figure it out. He being pushed as a 2016 presidential candidate is stranger than fiction. This obvious GOP plant was voted in on his looks, barf. His background is tainted, check the facts. He is another fake Republican empty suit, part of the ongoing conspiracy set up to continue the tyranny in America.

  3. There are plenty of circuit court judges that are African American in which are not only more qualified but also more experienced and waiting for the same position.

    I know first hand that Judge William Thomas was appointed by Obama after ruling without any sense of the law or the rights of the people but solely in deceit and for his appointment to the bench.

    You want to mention Rubio being guilty of treason to the American Constitution, Judge William Thomas makes Rubio look like a Nun in church.

    It will all come out in the papers shortly.

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