Maggie Gallagher: Boycotting NOM Leader Orson Scott Card’s Movie “Enders Game” Is “McCarthyism”

Maggie Gallagher bloated

“Gay marriage advocates are trying to build up a boycott of Ender’s Game because of Orson Scott Card’s personal views on marriage. It seems very strange to me that so many artists and people on the left are supporting the idea that to make art in the mainstream you have to have the right political opinions. This used to be considered the heart of McCarthyism: loyalty oaths for filmmakers as the condition forworking in the film industry. (These were imposed by the industry, not the government, remember, in response to public pressure). I suspect this boycott will be a failure, like the boycott of Card’s video game and like the Chick-fil-A boycott, because most of the public is more concerned with questions such as whether those waffle fries are banging or not.”.

So says Moogie   Maggie Gallagher, writing for the National Review  and just happens to be the ex-head of the National Organization for Marriage which Card sat on the Board of and donated countess amounts of money and time to so they could promote their anti-gay rhetoric and hate.

As was commented on Gallagher’s ridiculous blog  is the fact that the right has called for boycotts of these companies for their support of same-sex marriage alone on companies such as:

  • Adobe
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • CBS
  • eBay
  • Facebook
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Google
  • Intel
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Levi Strauss
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Microsoft
  • Nike
  • Starbucks
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Twitter
  • Viacom
  • Walt Disney Company
  • Xerox
  • Zynga

But the real hypocrisy in her post is that Gallagher’s own organization The National Organization for Marriage  recently started the “Dump Starbucks” And “Dump General Mills” boycotts because both companies support civil rights for LGBT people.

And what the hell does banging waffle fries have to do with anything? I’ don’t think there’s a verse in Leviticus that says this is an abomination.

But leave it to Maggie to bring food into everything.  After all her it now seems that her weight problem might be caused by the two mouths that she has to to go with her two faces.



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