Liz Cheney Runs For US Senate – Master, the creature walks!

Liz Cheney evil

Satan’s spawn herself Liz Cheney is running for the Congressional Wyoming Senate seat using every empty talking point the The Party and the GOP have ever championed.

Obama’s declared a “war on religious freedom”? That’s always just a euphemism for “Obama supports gay marriage”. “I support strong families”?. Doublespeak for “I oppose homosexual families”.

In less than a minute, she’s managed to mention all the rightwing nut  faves:  Benghazi, gun control, Obamacare, religious freedom.  Tells  blatant lies: Obama involvement in the IRS scandal. And panders to Wyoming voters on EPA issues. And for good measure she adds some good old fear mongering soundbites (NK/Iran), and alludes to Obama’s  sinister  liberal social policies.

She is truly her father’s daughter.

What do you think?

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