Linda Harvey Went To Columbus Pride and Had A “Fruity” Old Time

Linda Harvey BITCH“I attended a recent ‘gay pride’ parade in Columbus. I’d been to one a few years earlier, and the bad news is that the event has grown much, much larger. Corporate support is everywhere. Macy’s, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, JC Penney, Chipotle, Frito-Lay, and many others. Local Ohio banks, Fifth-Third and Huntington. American Family Insurance. All had sizeable contingents of marchers and banners. So the continuing high incidence of HIV among males who have sex with males, generating around 29,000 new cases per year in the U.S., is acceptable to these companies and their boards of directors? Just asking. This abundant fruit, so to speak, of the homosexual community is now ignored by the media and considered a big yawn, except by those infected, of course.” – Ohio Hate group leader and hausfrau Linda Harpy Harvey, writing on her website.

What a vile excuse for a human being, with her snarky comment about AIDS being the “fruit” of homosexuality.  She goes to a celebration and sees nothing but sin and disease.

Well Linda here are some other statistics for you:

8,369 deaths from AIDS in 2010 total, orientation not noted (per the CDC)

11,078 firearm-related homicide deaths in 2010 (per Wikipedia)

19,392 firearm-related suicide deaths in 2010 (per Wikipedia)

Shove that up your ass you evil rightwing bitch!


1 thought on “Linda Harvey Went To Columbus Pride and Had A “Fruity” Old Time

  1. what an odious creature… Linda Harvey is a shining example of what happens when folks approach life and faith from a place of uncontainable and unregulated fear – it absolutely leads to psychopathology and maladaptation.

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