Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber Ready To Go To Jail (And Drop The Soap) Over Same-Sex Marriage

Fat Matt Barber Liberty Counsel

“In my 35 years as a Christian, I never seriously believed we might end up in prison for our faith – except, perhaps, for something like a pro-life demonstration. This is the first time it seriously occurs to me that the trajectory of the nation is such that it is possible in five to 10 years. Oddly, this thought does not discourage or scare me; in fact, it’s almost a joyful thought that we might have the privilege to suffer for our faith. Rejoice greatly when men revile and persecute you for my name’s sake, for your reward is great in Heaven.” – Failed boxer, failed insurance Agent and current Liberty Counsel Hate group leader Matt Barber at World Net Daily

So there you have it.  Matt Barber is ready and willing  to give it up for Jesus in prison and become someones bitch.

He”s going to be very upset when he realizes that real prisoners are not as hot as the ones on OZ.   I can just here him now:  “But, but, where is Chris Meloni?”

2 thoughts on “Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber Ready To Go To Jail (And Drop The Soap) Over Same-Sex Marriage

  1. Check your spelling Mr. Kohler. Can you here me? You, sir, with all due respect, are a douchebag. My close friend Matt has failed at nothing in his entire life. You, however, couldn’t blog your way out of a wet paper bag. Bitch.

    1. Except being a human being.

      And I expect that this is Tim Clothier from 909 Student Ministries who stands up for and calls “friend” a man who is a leader of a hate group. How very lovingly “christian” of you.

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