New Jersey GOP Admits Chris Christie Intimdated Them To Vote No On Same Sex Marriage

Chris Christie douchebag

New Jersey GOP lawmakers are admitting that Gov. Chris Christie has intimidated them in the past over voting for same-sex marriage in New Jersey.

This news comes as Democrats once again try to get enough votes to get same-sex marriage passed in that state which would take a super majority of bipartisan votes to override what would be expected as another veto by Christie to keep it from becoming law in the Garden State.

New Jersey’s Star-Ledger reports:

“The state’s top Democratic lawmakers today urged their Republican counterparts to “vote their conscience” to legalize same-sex marriage, but said some GOP lawmakers won’t do this because they don’t want to cross Gov. Chris Christie. Senate President Stephen Sweeney said he will hold a vote to override Christie’s veto of a same-sex marriage bill that passed last year, noting that thousands of gay couples in New Jersey will be ineligible for federal benefits unless lawmakers act soon. But first, Sweeney said, at least a few Republicans have to change their no votes to yes. The Senate president said Christie has intimidated GOP lawmakers, claiming some have privately admitted they would like to change their votes to allow same-sex marriage”

I wonder if there is any way we can get the Egyptian military to oust Chris Christie and free New Jersey?

1 thought on “New Jersey GOP Admits Chris Christie Intimdated Them To Vote No On Same Sex Marriage

  1. LOL…Will, your last line, regarding the Egyptian military…Priceless!
    What I’m not sure of, is what harm politically, would Christie get himself into by letting the “want to” Repubs vote to get the override done, since he has voiced and vetoed the measure before, it would be unlikely that his possible future aspirations would be hurt.

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