Chicago Man Goes Missing After Pride

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A man from Chicago has gone missing and his friends and family are doing all they can to find him and bring him home. Christopher Evans has been missing since June 30th and no one has seen him since leaving a pride event. According to the Facebook page dedicated finding Evans, a group of his friends are posting statuses on social media to get as much visibility as possible to find their friend. As of now, it is unclear if there are any indications of foul play surrounding this missing case, which is why it is imperative to find Evans as quickly as possible. Here’s the Facebook page mission statement:

find chrisWe are going to find our friend, Christopher Evans.

Missing from Chicago’s North Side: Christopher Evans. Last seen leaving Roscoe’s Bar (Halsted and Roscoe), heading East on Roscoe. He was last seen early Sunday morning, June 30 around 1:30 am. If you have seen this man, please please please contact his family and authorities ASAP.

Friends, fraternity brothers, and others: We are asking that you share this status and keep positive thoughts that Chris shows up safe and sound. A police report has been filed, and the investigation has already begun. The police will do their job, and we will do what we can on social media and by organizing neighborhood canvasing events if we have to.

One of Evan’s friends, Jack Geahan, has been giving update statuses involving what little information the police have been able to provide since being assigned to the case as the search continues for his good friend. He’s imploring that all signing up to provide as much information as possible:

Hi Everyone,

Having spoken to Chris’ family this evening and the detective assigned to the case, the best course of action for us to be able to help is going to be putting up fliers all over the area in the next day or two. If you are available tomorrow through Saturday for one (or more) flyer shifts, please fill out this form and indicate how you can help put up fliers. Sometime later this evening I will work on coordinating groups on places to meet up and to knock out different blocks in the area.

He hasn’t been found yet, but the best thing we can do now is just make sure the community sees his face and hopefully it will jar someone’s memory from that night.

And in this update Geahan asks friends and family to give the police a chance to do their job:

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for showing your support in finding Chris. He means a lot to so many people and it is just tearing so many of us apart to see him missing. I love seeing so much support across Facebook and the dedication so many of you are expressing to help find him. But for time time being, please please PLEASE sit tight.

What you’ve seen in shared statuses in the last 24 hours is what we know. The police have the police report from his parents, but the detectives haven’t even been able to sit down to talk to the parents. Those of us that were with Chris the night he went missing have collected everything that we know and have passed it along, and he is still missing. So many of us have ideas of how we can be effective, but the reality is this: we are not police, and we are being driven by our caring for finding Chris.

We have to give the police a chance to start looking. Give them a chance to do their jobs. Give them a chance to tell US what they need done; to tell US how we can help. Please stay tuned for more information as it comes in. Keep Chris in your thoughts, take a deep breath, stay positive, and share the status that has been seen by so many.

Thank you, and stay tuned.

If you have any information about Evans’ whereabouts please contact the Chicago police department in Boystown and follow updates on the Find Christopher Evans Facebook Page.

*Editor’s Note* When this story broke and we were alerted to the situation, sharing of the Facebook statuses, and due to the location where Evans went missing it was presumed that Evans was a member of the LGBT community when in fact he is straight, We apologize for any confusion on our part and are committed to Evans coming home safely. As a community that strives on bringing people together this can be an opportunity to reach out and help since this man went missing in a place we call home. So I ask that LGBT members in Boystown report any info to help. Let’s unite. 


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  1. Have you asked local business on the corner on roscoe and Halsted to see teor cameras and then if he was going east there are a bunch of business with cameras on Broadway

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