ANONYMOUS Hacks Nigerian Government Website, Demands Support of LGBT People

ANONYMOUS Nigeria hack

The  hackivist group ANONYMOUS,  took  over Nigeria’s official government website last night denouncing its intent to pass a law that would jail LGBT people for up to 14 years and demanding the government end its support of the anti-homosexuality bill.

The hacker, identified on twitter as @PaddyHack, said he took down the website Thursday for several hours, posting a warning to president Goodluck Jonathan:

“Your government has passed a to jail homosexuals in your country for up to 14 years. Nobody should live in fear of being jailed, when their only action is loving another consenting adult, regardless of gender.”

The Street Journal reports:

The attack on the website, took place in the evening and messages urging the President to overrule the laws were displayed on the site until around 11 pm when the administrators regained control of the site. The hackers protested against the 14-year jail term for homosexuals in Nigeria.

The President was asked to “veto or renounce the bill” within 72 hours. Issuing a threat after, the hackers stated on the website that “failure to follow our order will unleash a torrent of fury aimed directly at the direction of your administration, starting with some startling but unsurprising evidence of corruption in your ranks.”

The hackers also continued with an assurance as the message continued with “no need to start destroying evidence, I already have it.”

A spokesperson of theNigerian ministry, Joseph Mutuah, likened the attack to robbery while the Nigerian press labeled the hacktivist as gay, ‘foreign’ ‘cyber-warlord’, ‘vandal’ who is apparently ‘engaging’ in ‘cyber warfare’ against Nigeria.

In response to the anti-gay media hype, The hacker stated:

“The Nigerian Press are attempting to tarnish the name of the LGBT cause by smearing their name of the latest defacement of their website.

“The deface is a protest against the potential bill that will be passed jailing homosexuals for up to 14 years. Their only ‘crime’ is loving a person of the same gender.

“I am not inspired to do this because I am pro LGBT, I’m not even gay. I am inspired to do this because I am anti hate. Declaring gayness as being a sin is nothing more than hiding hate behind your bibles.

“IF you must follow the bible, just remember Mark 12:31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[a] There is no commandment greater than these.”

BRAVO and THANK YOU to @PaddyHack and to ANONYMOUS!

Next stop RUSSIA!  


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