Alabama Public Agency Prays Against Gay Marriage At Open Meeting

Alabama Public Service CommissionLast week during a meeting on power rates in the State of Alabama, the Alabama Public Service Commission kicked off the meeting with an anti-gay prayer.

John Delwin Jordan, who was at the meeting to testify on behalf of the Prattville Tea Party, opened up the meeting in prayer after receiving a laudatory introduction by Twinkle Cavanaugh, the head of the PSC.  After asking attendees if they believed in the power of prayer, Jordan concluded his prayer by lamenting,

“We’ve taken you out of our schools; we’ve taken you out of our prayers; we’ve murdered your children; we’ve said it’s OK to have same-sex marriage, God. We have sinned.”

Birmingham News columnist John Archibald writes that the sectarian, political prayer may have helped Cavanaugh frame the debate over the PSC’s pro-corporate bent:

She gets – and Alabama Power gets – exactly what they want. They want the issue lost in passionate belief, an ideological tussle designed to pit tree-huggers against coal miners, conservationists against those concerned with jobs, liberals against conservatives.

The Birmingham News columnist states that this was just a ploy to distract people while the PSC CEO Charles McCrary receives over $8 million a year due to PSC being a government utility monopoly. My opinion is that this is a disgusting tactic and an incredibly offensive thing a government agency did.


What do you think?

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