Vladimir Putin Signs Draconian Russian Law Banning ‘Homosexual Propaganda’

President Vladimir Putin has signed into law the draconian anti-gay bill banning the promotion of “homosexual propaganda” among minors in Russia today.

RIA Novosti reports:

Gay propaganda with the use of mass media or Internet resources will see harsher penalties of 50,000-100,000 rubles ($1,520-3,050) for individuals, 100,000-200,000 rubles ($3,050-6,115) for officials and 1 million rubles or 90-day suspension for legal entities.

While the law’s proponents argue it is aimed at protecting children from harmful influences, critics allege the move is part of a broader crackdown on Russia’s gay community.

Putin attempted to downplay accusations of antigay bigotry by claiming sexual minorities are “full fledged members of our society and are not being discriminated against in any way.” despite the fact that only yesterday over 60 participants in St Petersburg Russia gay pride parade were beaten and then arrested by Russian police.