4 thoughts on “VIDEO – Michelle Obama To GetEqual Protestor: “I don’t care what you believe.”

  1. I am a supporter of the Obamas, but I must say I’m disappointed in Mrs. Obama’s handling of the heckler. She could have been supportive and validated GETEQUAL’s concerns in the same amount of time it took her to denounce this woman’s actions. And threatening to leave is just bad form. That made her seem self important and stuffy, a sharp change to her image of inclusion and outreach. She should have been prepared for ENDA being a topic at a LGBT fundraiser.

  2. Like her old man, Bush squared, she is a mess. You were seeing the real Michelle, the “dutiful little hausfrau”–“I don’t get into politics, I just bake cookies…” Riiiiight! My partner and I are proud not to have wasted a vote on this disgusting man, in either election, and we are lefties. And, to those who believe that not having voted I have no right to bitch, I write, illustrate and blog. An activist for forty three years, I vote with my feet. More of us should. It is an education.

    1. You have every right to bitch but zero right to expect others to give you a pass. I did everything you did and more but I also found time to vote. You are party of the very problem you think you are helping to solve. If you really voted with your feet you would have strolled by a polling place instead of making silly rationalizations on a blog.

  3. Sorry, but with all of the vile crap that gets thrown at the Obama’s every day, if anyone is entitled to bite back once in awhile, it’s her. There is a time and place for protest and dissent. This event was not one of them.

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