Snooki Hopes To Have A Gay Son Someday


You don’t often hear of parents saying they actually hope that their child is gay. That is unless you’re a fiery reality tv star from The Jersey Shore that recently had a baby. You guessed it, Snooki! The mother of one recently talked about how she is not only more than okay with having a gay child but that she actually hopes she has one. Here’s more:

Nicole Polizzi, better known as “Snooki,” is not only a friend of the gays, but she also wants to be a mama to a gay son someday, too.

Snooki and her “Jersey Shore” co-star Jenni “JWoww” Farley were two of many attendees at the TrevorLIVE event Monday night promoting The Trevor Project‘s anti-bullying and suicide prevention campaign.

“Me and Jenni weren’t exactly the best role models, but now that I’m a mom,” the 25-year-old, who has a 10-month-old son with her fiance Jionni LaValle and considers herself bisexual, said at the Chelsea Piers event in New York. “I’m so grateful for The Trevor Project to support the LGBT youth so they have someone there for them because I’m praying I have a gay little boy one day.”

“We’re huge supporters of the LGBT community. … So we would do anything to help them and to protect them,” Farley added. “We feel like moms when it comes to our gays. We really do.”

What kind of statement is this? Does she think that by making a statement like this that we are some fashioned obsessed queens? No I don’t think that’s what she meant but that’s definitely what it sounds like. I get it. She just wants to show that she supports equal rights for the LGBT community and that she would accept her child, regardless of their sexual orientation.

But the way it’s phrased makes it sound like she just wants a flamboyant gay around to help her pick out the latest in-style fashion to wear like the child is some accessory to her wardrobe. That of course is a stereotype because we know by now that we are a diverse group of men and women that do not fit into that stereotype. And even for those that do identify with that stereotype are so much more than that.

So Snooki, think about the way comes off because it can be derogatory when your words can so easily be taken out of context. Just wish for a happy and healthy child you will love no matter their sexual orientation. But we certainly do thank you for the effort you’re making.

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