R&B Singer Ciara Being Sued For Skipping Out On Pride Event


Ciara has been finding herself in a lot of hot water lately when it comes to her fans and business relationships as well. The latest tension being caused by the Goodies singer being unable to make an appearance during a pride event, As a result those involved in the original agreement moved quickly and have filed suit against her. Here’s more:

After canceling a scheduled appearance at a Los Angeles gay bar this weekend and facing threats of a lawsuit, Ciara was served papers during her performance at LA Pride on Saturday night.

The “Goodies” singer was performing on the catwalk when a woman reached out amid fans to hand her the lawsuit during the middle of a song. Ciara reached out for the papers nonchalantly while continuing to sing and then flung them back. TMZ published a video of the incident on Sunday morning.

The concert interruption came after Ciara bailed on West Hollywood’s popular club The Factory. The singer’s reps said they informed the club that Ciara couldn’t make it, yet the performance was promoted nonetheless. Still, The Factory is suing for breach of contract.

Ciara’s people spoke out after news of the lawsuit first emerged on Saturday, saying the singer’s appearance at LA Pride the next day contractually prevented her from appearing at The Factory.

Was there no other way to resolve the issue? Was it necessary to have the court papers served to her while performing? I think yes and no respectively. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, hopefully Ciara can make it up to them.

1 thought on “R&B Singer Ciara Being Sued For Skipping Out On Pride Event

  1. Without knowing details of the matter, I would reverse the Yes and the No..

    She failed to appear at the function she had a contract for, and she appeared (as it seems) at another venue……

    Handing documents can be done at all times, even when the recipient is in bed (doing other things then sleeping YKWIM), or at a funeral (bit distasteful I agree but it is legally OK).

    The fact that she did throw the documents away (at least according to the article) shows she knew what they were about, nevertheless the documents were “served”….

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