Pentagon to Issue SOME Same-Sex DP Benefits on September 1st. But NOT The Important Ones

smoke and mirrors

The Washington Times reports that The Pentagon will begin issuing SOME same-sex domestic partner benefits on September  1st.

The  dependents’ ID cards will entitle partners to scores of benefits, as outlined by  then-Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta in a February policy decision.

The ID card Web notice refers to same-sex  domestic partners as “SSDPs.”

The benefits include education, survivor,  commissary, travel, counseling and transportation, but not  what some consider the armed forces’ premium perks — health care and housing allowances.

Mr. Panetta said the federal Defense of Marriage  Act restricts those benefits to heterosexual couples, though the Pentagon has  not ruled out offering them to homosexual couples at some point.

Still, the new benefits and special ID cards  represent a victory for the gay rights movement in the wake of President Obama’s  lifting the long-time ban on open homosexuals in the ranks.

Victory my ass.  This is SMOKE and MIRRORS to make it seem like the Government is actually doing something for the LGBT community when in fact its all show much like their much touted same sex partner benefits for Federal workers which in actuality came down to three minor benefits that no one really needs.

Don’t fall for the hype and don’t be satisfied or grateful for crumbs.



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