Michigan’s Surrogacy Law Petition Gaining Momentum

imagesCAVUCXZ4Currently on Change.org, there is a petition going around the net trying to change Michigan’s surrogacy laws. For decades now, it has been illegal for anyone, including doctors and lawyers, to enter into any agreement concerning surrogacy.

A petition has been started to urge not only the MI Supreme Court but also Gov. Rick Snyder and MI Congress to change this law on grounds that it is a discriminatory law.

The petition, which was started February 2013 has reached national attention. Responses include such incredible statement as from Jamie Girton from Granger, IN –

“I am a gestational surrogate who has brought 3 gorgeous children into this world for two different gay couples. These men are among the very best parents I know. I would love to bring a sibling into this world for my last surrogate baby, but moving into Michigan will prevent me from doing so. I’ll do anything I can to help this cause.”

Danielle DeGuzman from San Lorenzo, CA wrote –

“I was a gestational carrier for an amazing same-sex couple here in California. They are such great dads and I can’t believe there are still laws out there that discriminate against gay couples having children.”

Earlier today, the author of the petition received an email from an individual who used to be a surrogate in Pennsylvania and recently moved to Michigan. She emailed stating that because of the law, she can no longer help families in Michigan. She also went on to say that the surrogate lawyer she knows is very well know nationally, and she is going to recruit him to help with this cause.

This is incredibly exciting news. With the three LGBT Equality bills in Michigan Congress right now, this is definitely the time for change! Hopefully when this petition is placed before the Governor, the MI Supreme Court and MI Congress, equality will overrule bigotry and the surrogacy law will finally be repealed.

If you’d like to join in this important movement, please sign the petition and help the fight for equality in Michigan!

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