International Olympic Committee Says Russia’s Anti-gay Bill Won’t Effect The 2014 Winter Games

Gay russia olymics 2014

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is once again taking a wishy-washy approach to detrimental issues that ccould affect not only athletes but also spectators in Olympic locations by pink washing the Russiam Parliament’s passed non-traditional relationships propaganda aka the Anti-Gay Propagand Law and has issued a release saying that it will welcome openly LGBT Olympians when they travel to Russia to compete at the winter games in 2014 but does not condemn the country itself for its violation of human rights against LGBT Russians.

The IOC hopes to quell the fears that openly gay and lesbian athletes will be targeted at the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics and they have released an official statement addressing the issue only sating that they were “concerned” about the bill becoming law and they remain committed “to non-discrimination against those taking part in the Olympic Games.” 

It’s not only appalling that the IOC would hold the games in a country that doesn’t support all the athletes nut to only be “concerned” and not to come right out and condemn Russia’s anti-gay law which ,makes public displays and information about homosexuality punishable by fine and/or prison time and deportation is making light of a very serious human rights issue that has already led to massive violence against the LGBT community in Russia.

Source:  The Advocate



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