Will We Hear A Prop 8/DOMA Ruling From The Supreme Court Today? Who Knows


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Each Monday this month, both LGBT activists, lobbyists and families all across the country have set their attention on the Supreme Court Blog to see if there would be any indication that the Supreme Justices would make a ruling that would change the face of equality forever in this country. So many are focused on Monday because history has shown that the court makes decisions on Monday while reviewing other cases on Thursday.

It’s an understatement to say how much is weighing on what these nine people say in these cases, whether that be today or within the next two weeks. And with each week that we don’t hear anything back only adds to the frustration, tension, and endless speculations on whether their ruling will be in not only our favor but on the side of justice and equality. But how likely is it that we’ll hear some type of ruling on these life changing cases today? Here’s more speculations:

With approximately two weeks remaining in its current term, the Supreme Court is set to hand down several high-stakes rulings in coming days.

The high court is first expected to rule in Fisher v. University of Texas, the case challenging the college’s use of race in its admissions criteria. The court heard oral arguments in the case last October, during which several justices sharply questioned affirmative action’s constitutionality.

The justices will then likely rule on Shelby County v. Holder, the challenge to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. At issue is whether it is constitutional for the federal government to require preclearance for voting system changes in districts and states with a history of racial discrimination.

Finally, the Supreme Court will decide on two landmark gay marriage cases — one on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, and another on Proposition 8, California’s gay marriage ban.

Decisions typically come on Monday and Thursdays, and the court’s final scheduled session for this term is on June 24. However, the court may add additional dates to its schedule. SCOTUSblog predicts the rulings on same-sex marriage are most likely to come on June 26 or 27, based on the court’s past decision patterns.

My question, one of many questions, is why draw this out any more than absolutely necessary? Every day a right deferred is a right denied right? Will the six states that have passed bills allowing same sex marriage have any bearing on the courts decision or not at all? Will their decision have any affect on the much neglected ENDA (Employee Non Discrimination Act)?

So Basically all I’m doing is adding to the numerous speculations into what happens next. Because there is no way of knowing which side several of the justices are leaning towards. But I know we are tired of having our rights denied. We are tired of being treated like we are less than everyone else. Tired of being treated like second class citizens. Just tired of being denied the rights afforded to everyone else. Hopefully all the polls showing how now the majority of this country now supports same sex marriage will help. Hopefully the numerous studies showing that children from gay couples are no worse off than those of straight couples. And any issues involving religion will be left out because this is not about faith but about basic human rights and treating everyone equally.

It just feels like we on at this moment a great precipice. It has been amazing and inspiring to watch so many evolve on gay rights in this country. That no matter what faith or lack thereof, no citizen of this country should be denied a right and knowing that the majority of our country feels that way gives me hope with a bit of cautious optimism.

We are seeing more and more recognition on the mainstream platform and it feels as though we no longer feel that we should be shunned into the shadows. I don’t want that feeling to ever fade from us or this community. I hope perseverance shows through and that today is the day things change for the better for us not only as LGBT but as a society. That now more than ever we can live openly and authentically. I can’t help but wonder if the feeling all of us feel, this sensation of trepidation matched with anticipation and fervor is the same that my parents and grandparents felt during the civil rights movement of forty years ago. I do know that regardless of the time the decision comes from the Supreme Court that we will not give up or be deterred until every citizen has the same rights. That will always be the true American way.

Let’s all hope we’ll hear what we’ve all been advocating so long and hard for and move this country forward in equality. There will always be hope. Always.

Stay Tuned.

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