Grace University Withholds Class Credits From Student After Expelling Her For Being A Lesbian

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This is just a really disturbing story. A student who was in the final months of her bachelors degree was expelled, only because was open about being lesbian. Here;s more:

Danielle Powell was close to getting her bachelor’s degree when she was kicked out of her university for being gay in 2012, and now says the only way the school will transfer her credits to another school is if she agrees to pay $6,300. In response, Powell has launched an online petition to pressure the school to forgive the debt.

Powell was a student at Grace University in early 2011 when she began her first same-sex relationship. Up until that point, neither she nor her then-girlfriend identified as lesbian. When Grace, a religious university in Omaha, Neb., found out about the relationship through a spiritual adviser at the school, they brought Powell before a judiciary board to decide whether she should be allowed to stay enrolled.

“At that time, my family had no idea, so I had to come out to my family sooner than I would’ve wanted,” Powell told The Huffington Post.

Michael James, executive vice president at Grace, told The Huffington Post that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prevents them from discussing any student’s particular case. But he did confirm the student handbook states that “Any student involved in sexually immoral behavior, including premarital sex, adultery, and homosexual acts, is at minimum placed on University probation and may be subject to a Judiciary Hearing.”

Not only did they kick Powell out, but are also asking her to pay for a scholarship she received before they will transfer any of her credits to another university. Powell now has to pay over 6000 dollars just to receive her college credit. Then later when she tried reentering school the following semester, they refused admittance because she was still in a same sex relationship.The entire situation is incredulous to think that a university is being so adamant in penalizing this student.

If this university receives any federal aid, does that mean they are allowed to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation? I would assume so but there are not many, if any federal laws that protect the LGBT citizens of this country. And what about the advisor. It’s not made immediately clear if Powell spoke ti an academic advisor or mental health advisor but if is the latter and they told administrates about Powell’s sexual orientation; were they not in breech of rules, and more importantly ethics to do no harm? What was the reasoning for sharing this personal informantion if Powell was not a harm to herself or anyone else? If this was just about following policy instead of ethical treatment then Powell has every right to file a formal complaint against this advisor that shared her personal information.

What do you think?

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