Gay Bashing Spree Explodes In Columbus, Ohio – 3 Hate Crimes In 4 Days

Columbus OH gay bashing

Just two weeks before the Columbus, Ohio celebrates its annual LGBT Pride Festival, a rash of anti-gay hate crimes is rocking the mid-sized Ohio city as three gay men have been gay bashed in separate incidents over a four day period.

Christopher Ashcraft,  Chris Kratavil and David  Conley have all been the victims of separate attacks

Outlook Columbus reports:

On Thursday, a visitor from out of town who was smoking outside the Southbend Tavern in Merion Village was punched and kicked until he was unconscious by at least two men who had asked him for help starting their car.

Late Sunday, an employee walking home from Union was beaten near Summit Street in Italian Village. A gay man also was attacked and robbed early Monday near E Broad Street and Parsons Avenue in Olde Towne; he posted a photo of his bloodied head, along with a warning: “It sounds like hate crimes are back, boys and girls.”

Christopher Ashcraft told officers he was approached by several men who asked for a jump-start.

Once I was on the ground, they just kicked me in the face a couple times until I was unconscious. It was my guess an hour to an hour-and-a-half later before I woke up and, from what I’m told, crawled back to the bar where I was found laying behind the bar.”

There are creeps out there, and they don’t like us,” said Gloria McCauley, executive director of BRAVO, the Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization. The organization is also warning people to be extra cautious in a month that celebrates pride and openness.


Anti-Gay Trivia:  Columbus, Ohio is home of infamous anti-gay bigot and shew Linda Harvey of Mission America

5 thoughts on “Gay Bashing Spree Explodes In Columbus, Ohio – 3 Hate Crimes In 4 Days

  1. So terrible.
    Breaks my heart and angers me at the same time that there is so much hatred in the world.
    Much love to all the victims.

  2. I just can NOT understand these hate crimes! And my heart goes out to all who have, are and will (unfortunately) suffer due to these stupid ignorant acts. OMG…just live your life and quit messing with others. Is your life that boring or disturbing that you have to try and screw with other’s lives for being different?….BEING HAPPY?

  3. See, it’s not really uncommon for people to be beaten up and robbed in those areas, since Parsons, Italian Village into Weinland Park, and Marion Village are all areas that are currently facing gentrification and as a reaction have higher petty crime rates. Just because you’re gay and you get robbed doesn’t mean you were robbed because you’re gay. Logic, yo.

    1. Actually, two of these boys had homophobic slurs yelled at them while being beaten. The Columbus Police department has classified these two cases as hate crimes. So yes, these boys were beaten because they are gay, not because of gentrification.

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