French Anti-Gay Maniacs Vow to Target Tour de France

France anti-gay Tour De Ferance

France’s hateful and violent anti-gay marriage activists are vowing not to surrender and they have announced they  will be targeting the Tour de France to show their hate.

The Local reports

“From June 29th to July 21st, we will have an incredible global visibility   to show our fight against the law,” read a statement on a new Facebook page created to inspire protesters to line  the 3,360-kilometre route.

And while the first stage of the race  will get rolling on the island of Corsica, the remaining 20 stages will cover  well near every corner of mainland France, offering protestors across the  country the chance to snatch a bit of prime-time coverage.

Their  Facebook page implored would-be demonstrators to send private messages with  points on the route they would consider protesting at, giving the impression  that the ‘Tour Pour Tous’ (Tour for all) will try to organize as wide a coverage  of the famous event as possible. The page also launched the hashtag  #tourpourtous to prompt users on the social media site Twitter to rally to the  protesters’ defense.  By Wednesday, proponents and opponents alike had begun using the keyword to trade jibes.

Odd isn’t it that one of the first countries to adopt true democracy and with the  national motto of “liberty, equality, fraternity” is still dealing with assholes like this who want second-class citizenship for others.

After all, it’s why they beheaded their aristocracy.  *knitting needles clicking*

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