Florida Museum May Have Denied Lesbian Couple Fair Pricing Because Of Their Sexual Orientation

Another day of bigotry it seems as a couple from Florida are alleging that they were denied the same admittance fees charged for straight couples into a museum because they are lesbians. A loving, committed family just wanting to learn and observe being withheld fair treatment. Here’s more:

A Florida-based lesbian couple is crying foul after a local museum allegedly refused to offer them the standard price of a family membership.

Karen Lee-Duffell, who says she’s had a membership at the Hands On Children’s Museum of Jacksonville, Fla. for over three years, tells WTLV it felt “like a punch in the gut” when she was told by a staff member that she would have to pay more for the family rate than a pair of opposite-sex parents.

“She says, ‘Oh wait no, you’re going to have pay an extra $10 to add this other mom — you can’t have two moms,’” Lee-Duffell, a mother of two, is quoted as saying.

A museum official released a statement to First Coast News noting that the memberships are “very specific” and do not allow for any substitutions.

Meanwhile, a Facebook page calling for users to boycott the museum has over 1,000 likes, while an online petition has drawn over 1,300 signatures at the time of this writing. The petition, which can be viewed here, reads in part:

“There are many kinds of families in the United States. Some families do have a mom and a dad. Some have just a mom or a dad. Some families have a mom or dad and a grandparent. Some families have two moms or two dads. All families are entitled to be recognized as such and deserve to be treated equally by the businesses they patronize.”Meanwhile, Lee-Duffeell added: “We’re members of the YMCA, we’re members of the Cummer Art Museum, we’re members of the Museum of Art and History, we’re members of the zoo; all of these places have never had a problem with the fact that we’re family and giving us the family membership.”

The museum us calling this family a “substitution”. They are in fact the parents so how can this be a replacement or not as good as they’re implying? We may not have marriage equality nationwide (yet) but singling out two loving parents is disturbing. It’s homophobia.

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  1. That’s disgusting. Look at the message this museum is sending to these children. They are telling them that they are not a family. Now that is what damages children.

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