Anti-Gay “Christian” Megadeath Frontman Dave Mustaine Calls Fan “Faggot” At UK Show – Video


Dave Mustaine

Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine showed some “Christian love” to a fan at their show in Manchester, England last night, calling him a “blonde bitch” and a “little faggot” (amongst other things) for complaining about technical problems during their show, held at Manchester Academy.

Following their sixth song of the set, Mustaine and the band left the stage after some technical problems and returned after 10 minutes, to boos and a middle finger from one particularly upset fan.

Mustaine who claims to be a Christian let loose in a homophobic outburst on the fan

Get the fuck out of here! Get this guy out of here! You blonde bitch. C’mon up here. I’ve got a big cock for your face. [Making kissing sounds.] Here it comes…Stick that finger right up your ass, you little faggot.

Mustaine a well-known born-again Christian hypocrite and homophobe is quoted saying in a 2004 saying: “I am Christian but I still like blowjobs and I still say ‘fuck!’,  endorsed Rick Santorum in the 2012 Presidential primary, and said of Margret Thatcher government’s anti-gay stance , “More power to them.  It says in the Bible that men should not lay with men.”

4 thoughts on “Anti-Gay “Christian” Megadeath Frontman Dave Mustaine Calls Fan “Faggot” At UK Show – Video

  1. Well, one wonders who’s the real faggot there…..

    A piece of filth, degenerated braincells and failing to even come close to the label of human being……….. that’s what the guy is…… When will he fall into his own sword? When will he be found out to be tapping into his bandmates?

  2. What a moron, I’m sad to say I’ve been a huge fan of Megadeth. I hope the other fans who don’t approve of this kind of behavior, will take a stand. He can hide behind religion all he wants, it’s no excuse for being an a’hole.

  3. I think that one can be opposed to homosexuality without being homophobic (which BTW is NOT an actual clinical illness or even real term) the Bible teaches that ALL sex outside marriage is wrong and that God only recognizes the physical union of ONE man and ONE woman. Dave messed up BAD here but it isn’t fair to judge ALL Christians by his outburst. Dave Mustaine responds to outburst at Manchester Academy June 5th..

  4. Sick to death of all these rock and metal icons turning into Evangelical pricks in later life, its incredibly depressing.

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