AFA’s Bryan Fischer Takes A Break From The Gays To Bash Women: Women Are Property – Video

Bryan Fischer lunatic

American Family Association spokesdouche  , spokesthing , spokesman Bryan Fister Fischer appeared on Thom Hartmann’s show the other day to discuss the little brouhaha Erick Erickson  editor-in-chief of the blog site created when he lamented the fact that the womenfolk just don’t know their place.

Fischer spent most of the show denying that he believes in the idea that women are inferior to men, before finally slipping up and actually admitting that he was in fact arguing and believes that very thing:

Hartmann: Some of the women I know actually would like men to treat them
like equals and stop treating them like objects and stop treating them like

Fischer: Absolutely. And Christianity teaches them
to treat wives with honor…

Hartmann: Well, I’m not talking about
honor like “oh gee, you poor thing”, I’m talking about “you are my

Fischer: Absolutely. Equal in value, and worth different
in role.

Hartmann: And that role is a subordinate

Fischer: That role is to nurture

Hartmann: You’re, you’re – the explicit in the teachings
that you’re promoting is that the husband is the husband is head of the
household and the woman is subordinate to him

Well, that’s what the owner’s manual says, Thom.

Homophobic, misogynist, racist, and conservative.  Bryan J Fischer is the whole “Conservative Christian” fucked-up  package.

But remember.  According to them the American Family Association is NOT a hate group!

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